Looking for a custom pet portrait?

My pet portraits start at under $100 and depending on scheduling can take less than a week to get shipped!

abstract art

I've always been drawn to the unique beauty of abstract paintings. 


space artwork

I'm always fascinated by the mysterious beauty of the heavens.


dog artwork

Well, mainly my dog. I think she's so cute I can't help but paint her!


surrealistic artwork

Splashes of color lead to form and function to make beautiful surrealistic art.


landscape artwork

I am in love with the beauty of the Colorado skies and I love painting them!


watercolor artwork

Watercolor is my favorite medium for painting!


About the Artist

Lacey Walker

I was always told that being an artist was a bad decision. So I majored in business and took art classes on the side. I decided to go into Marketing so that I would have some creative outlet. However, at some point the desire to create becomes too overwhelming so I took the leap and started a craft teaching business and have been able to focus on making art!

When I am not creating or teaching classes for Rebel Unicorn Crafts I spend my time in my studio painting. I love painting acrylic and watercolor. 

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