Custom Pet Portraits

I love my dog sooooo much! So, I understand how special your dog is to you. That means I can't wait to paint them! The way I produce pet portraits are based on pictures, but I don't want you to send me just one. I request as many of your favorite photos as you want to send. This helps me get to know your pup virtually, as well as advise you on which photos would best to translate to a painting.

I love creating custom pet portraits to brighten your home! Check out a few of my recent pet paintings. Pricing is listed below! To get started email me at

Custom acrylic pet portraits start at $120 for an 8 inch x 8 inch painting, plus shipping. I charge by the linear inch, so you can have almost any size of painting you desire as long as it's larger than 8 inches on it's smallest side and and less than 25 inches. If you want to compute the cost for a custom dimension painting the equation I use is (h+w)*$7.50. Here are the prices for common canvas sizes:

  • 8"x8" $120

  • 8"x10" $135

  • 10"x10" $150

  • 11"x14" $187.5

  • 16"x20" $270

Shipping for the smaller portraits starts at around $10. I'll go over shipping options once we've decided on the canvas size. To get started email me at

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